Nicky Kundnani FinanceNicky Kundnani has expertise knowledge in the travel industry as he began his career while still in college. He climbed the tourism ladder starting as a travel agent. He quickly moved to starting his own independent travel consulting company . Next he began traveling the world and fostering relationships with restaurant owners and hotel entrepreneurs from major tourist destinations. He consistently out performed his peers and even aided top-level management in creating new global itinerary development strategies that helped travel agencies expand their clientele.

Nicky Kundnani focused on developing his network base in the tourism, food & beverage, and hospitality industries to really perfect his craft. He booked new clientele every week after starting his own agency, and really benefited from gearing his services towards high net-worth travel consulting.

After graduating, Nicky Kundnani became a travel agent. He was stationed at a small boutique firm for two year. Two years later, he joined a larger travel agency and become certified. Everyday, Nicky supplied technical and fundamental analysis to tourism companies business development departments. One year later, Nicky had enough of a network base to start his own independent travel consulting businesses. He consulted high net-worth individuals, family offices, and boutique travel agencies in the developing stages of their companies.

Today, Nicky is studying to obtain his MBA. Nicky Kundnani’s expertise lies in business development. His specializations in the travel realm are in hospitality and food & beverage.


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